Day 212: Tortoise Greets World

Malti Tall Tree

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Every being comes into this world differently. If you have a shell on your back, you will arrive inside of a very small escape pod called an “egg.”

Of course, there are pros and cons to this arrival method.

On the pro side, once the hatchling tortoise escape pod launches, conveying you to your destination, there is no pressure to come out right away. Quite the contrary!

With plenty of emergency rations already on board, you can settle in for an extended restful nap until you feel like popping the hatch and stretching your legs.

On the con side, it can be kinda hard to see where you’ve landed since your pod doesn’t have any windows or doors.

So you’d best be prepared for anything, including your first meet with the rather, um, unique-looking locals.

Malti Tall Tree
There is just no telling what you might see when you finally decide to pop the escape hatch …. these two tortoises seem to have enormous trees growing right out of the top of them!
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