Day 221: Tiny Tortoise Grows Up

Malti juvenile redfoot tortoise grass

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While there are lots of good things about arriving into this world in one of those popular small white round escape pods, there is one notable drawback.

It’s not very big.

Ergo, when you pop the hatch and take your first historic steps outside as a baby tortoise, you aren’t very big.

This can make navigating the terrain somewhat….challenging.

The denser and higher the local green beings are, the shorter you feel.

So it just makes sense you want to grow up STAT so when you are walking about, you can actually see where you are going!

A young, small, low-to-the-ground shelled being does her best to navigate through the dense, high native green beings.

Of course, while you are busy growing bigger and taller just as fast as you can, so are the locals.

Which sometimes means that by the time you get to the right height to see your surroundings, they have grown taller too!

What happens when the local flora matches your rapid growth rate inch for inch!

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