Day 224: Tortoise Trains An Assistant

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While it isn’t necessarily “normal” for shelled beings and shell-less beings to cohabitate, it can be a smart choice under certain circumstances.

For example, let’s say you are born particularly cute. This means right from day one, your plate is full with evading paparazzi, posing for fan pics, foraging your meals and (of course) plenty of restorative resting.

It’s a lot to manage all by yourself!

Here, hiring a large shell-less assistant can take at least some of the most repetitive tasks off your daily plate.

This not only leaves a lot of fresh open space on your plate for delicacies, but it also handily provides a waitress to prepare and serve those delicacies.

However, there is one caveat to remember: large shell-less beings tend to need a lot of training. A LOT.

Even worse, they are unusually susceptible to attacks of temporarily disabling “cuteness overload.”

Here is an example. Let’s say you feel your (adorable) tortoise tummy grumble.

It’s loud enough for the neighbors to hear, but somehow your large shell-less waitress is so transfixed by “cuteness” she remains oblivious.

So you have to get creative – for instance, climbing right over her to get to the white box where you know your snacks are stored.

Malti tortoise on her mama's foot
A very patient shelled being gets creative in an effort to remind her large shell-less waitress that “cuteness” can wait….it is snack-time already!

No strategy is foolproof, but with enough persistence you may eventually manage to break through the trance and remind her what time it is and what she is supposed to be well-trained to do.

At LAST. With the large shell-less beings, perseverance is always going to be key to a successful partnership.
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