Day 245: Tortoise Trades in Solitude for Snacks

Redfoot tortoise pet

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It has been rumored that the flockwide large shell-less assistant is an introvert.

Clearly, the paparazzi’s latest “insider-in-the-know” source has been giving out some very bad information.

It is true that she may be somewhat solitary by her own species’ standards, but clearly that doesn’t apply when she catches sight of you.

Redfoot tortoise pet
A normally solitude-loving shelled being and a normally solitude-seeking shell-less being clear up the rampant misinformation from recent paparazzi reports.

While your species is also rumored to be solitude-loving, even the bliss of your own company is no match for the delight of fresh “handfed” snacks.

And with the trusty big white box close at hand, your doting assistant is a rich source of those!

This is what her species might term a “win-win” and you just call “making use of what God gave you” (which is “cuteness,” of course).

pet redfoot tortoise
When you look this cute, fresh snacks are yours for the eating!
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