Malti redfoot tortoise

Day 248: The Scent of a Tortoise

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If there is one thing shelled beings have in abundance (besides “cuteness” of course) it is self-esteem.

After all, when you are born as a cute, smart, compact and remarkably self-sufficient red-footed tortoise, what’s not to love about being you?

That fragrance you are emitting? It is the exotic “eau de tortoise,” of course. And it is utterly unique to you – quite literally one-of-a-kind!

Not to mention that all those spritzes and sprays and so-called “air fresheners” the large shell-less beings leave around in their powder rooms can’t hold a candle to the natural, eye-popping, nostril-opening aroma of a freshly-laid tortoise patty.

You are an original and you know it. Even better, you are good with that – so good.

And when your large shell-less assistant wobbles around in her sense of self-worth yet again, you will be there to show her how it is done.

You will be right there to demonstrate how to hold your head up high. Breathe in your own fragrance. Look really cute. Wait for the flood of compliments. Repeat.

Malti redfoot tortoise
A small shelled redfoot tortoise with “big turtle” self-esteem shows her mommy how it is done.

Are you ready to give Malti’s recipe for self-confidence a try?

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  1. Hello Malti🐢Stay strong & have great self confidence everyday little friend🐢Keep on pushing forward in your life you can do it🐢

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