Day 251: A Red Dotted Tortoise

Tortoise with red dotted feet

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Life in an interspecies flock near-guarantees you will soon discover you are more alike than different…and often in some quite startling ways.

Take favorite colors, for instance. Everyone in your little flock has one (although in some cases, there is no accounting for taste).

Your large shell-less assistant loves anything in blue. Boring.

Your small feathery brother prefers grey and white. Meh.

Your shelled brother likes the color orange. This is a little better.

But for you, it has to be red.

Red is the color of femme fatales. And hunger. And love.

Red stands out from the crowd. It is unforgettable.

Although as an all-over color, red has a tendency to get a bit….overwhelming.

But as an accent color, strategically placed – you can catch ’em on the front side and again on the back side, leaving paparazzi and VIP fans alike swooning with cuteness as they spy all those sweet red dots on the bottom of your cute tortoise feet.

Tortoise with red dotted feet
You can hear the coos of cuteness echoing behind you as the paparazzi and VIP fans catch the merest glimpse of red dots on the bottom of your adorable tortoise feet.

What is your favorite color? What do you think of Malti’s choice?

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