Redfoot tortoise eats lettuce

Day 257: Tortoise Transforms Into the Lettuce Pirate

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As everyone knows, the annual “Day O’ Treats” is fast approaching.

But in order to get the most treats, you have to dress up as something really fearsome.

This way, the other beings will become paralyzed with fear when you approach. They will then drop their treats and you can scarf them up.

For expediency’s sake, you may even want to dress up as a character that collects others’ treats for a living, such as a pirate.

With your intentions clear from the start, you may even hear the “thudding” sound of falling treat baskets the moment you hit the sidewalk.

Redfoot tortoise eats lettuce
First, you want to taste-test your costume materials….for authenticity purposes, of course.
Redfoot tortoise eats lettuce
Next, you can begin the work of assembling a truly authentic pirate costume.
Redfoot tortoise eats red leaf lettuce
Aaarrrgghh! Fearsome look complete, it is time to head out to collect your booty.

Who is ready to give Malti all their treats?

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