Day 269: The Spookiest Cute Tortoise Nostrils

Redfoot tortoise nose

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The large shell-less beings have some decidedly odd traditions.

For instance, once per year, they all wake up one morning and go into what can only be called some type of collective identity crisis.

No doubt frantic to conceal or otherwise remedy the ongoing lack of a shell (an essential accessory for both function and fashion) they adorn themselves with all manner of terrifying oddities, from horns and hooves to fur and (shudder) feathers.

In this way, they compete with one another for who can gather the most treats in a single evening.

It is both a lot of work and (frankly) not that efficient.

For example, you sit in the same spot day after day and all the treats you want just come to you.

This works for a number of reasons. First of all, since you don’t move much, the treats never get lost trying to find you.

Also, you always make the trip worth their while….with “cuteness,” of course. It is very reliable. When a treat comes to you, they always know they will be well and satisfyingly paid.

And if you need a little break from the constant attention and adoration, you don’t even have to show all of yourself. Just pop up one cute feature – such as your adorable round cute tortoise nostrils.

Redfoot tortoise nostrils
Even when you need to get away from it all, if you choose one cute part to stay visible, the treats will still be able to find you.

The treats will still find you. After all, they know those cute tortoise nostrils by heart.

Redfoot tortoise nose
The treats would recognize those nostrils anywhere!

If you were a treat who would you pick to visit – a scarily costumed large shell-less being or a certain set of very cute little tort nostrils?

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