Day 272: Little Tortoise, Big Lettuce

Redfoot tortoise eats romaine lettuce

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In the world of the large shell-less beings, there is a fascination with very large snacks.

Yet even with snacks being one of the few fascinations your two species seem to share in common, you can nevertheless spot a few potential problems right off the bat.

For starters, when a snack is that sizable, you can almost count on being expected to share it.

When you are born with a shell on your back, this is a clear no-go in any language.

There is also the not inconsequential matter of the delicacy’s freshness….not to mention the waiting period prior to consumption.

In other words, snacks that large can take some time to make. So this is really only a viable option if you like your snacks a) late, and b) out of date.

As a redfooted tortoise with a keen appetite and gourmet tastes, that would be a clear “no” and “no.”

Thankfully, you will never need to involve yourself in such endeavors. Just like everyone and everything else, giant snacks seem to love you.

They show up in droves, all vying for the chance to go “down the hatch” (a technical term).

Redfoot tortoise eats romaine lettuce
A giant snack arrives early and fresh in hopes of being chosen to go “down the hatch!”

Which giant snack should Malti tackle next?

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