Day 275: The Big Girl Tortoise Door

Tortoise habitat door

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Every being is little when they are born. Even very large little beings will get much larger as they grow up.

And very small (silver dollar-sized) beings will also get bigger as they get older.

Getting bigger comes with lots of perks. For example, you might get a bigger water dish….heck, a whole bowl once you are tall enough.

You might find your accommodations have been upgraded so they are more roomy and spacious.

And at some point, you may just wake up to discover you finally rate that ultimate of grown-up amenities – the “big girl” tortoise door.

Tortoise door habitat
One day, just like magic, you may open your adorable brown eyes and spy….a big girl tortoise door!

This is a very exciting moment for obvious reasons. You have your independence. You can go out and come in just like that.

Tortoise habitat door
With this newfound freedom, you can go out whenever you want to.

You can also come back in whenever you are ready (or anytime you suspect your doting shell-less mommy has left treats for you to find just inside the doorway).

Tortoise habitat door
Going in can be just as exciting as going out, especially when there are tasty victuals waiting for you!

What do you think of Malti’s new “big girl” tortoise door?

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