Day 284: Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk

Redfoot tortoise in harness walking

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If there is one fact all shelled beings are born knowing, it is this: carrying a rock around on your back is great exercise.

Every time you take a walk, you will be building muscle and burning calories like a pro.

Of course, this can also make walking a very hungry sport.

redfoot tortoise leash
All that walking can really work up an appetite!

To make the best time, you may not want to stop every single time you are in the mood for a snack.

This is where having a large shell-less assistant really comes in handy.

You can just keep walking around, looking very cute, and your slavishly devoted assistant will keep following you.

Then you can indicate you are ready for refueling by opening up your precious tortoise mouth and giving the universal signal for “bring me fresh snacks.”

Redfoot tortoise in harness walking
By simply opening up your (adorable) tortoise mouth, you let your hovering large shell-less assistant know you are ready to refuel with fresh snacks.

Send Malti your favorite on-the-go snack ideas!

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