Day 287: A Tortoise’s Favorite Seat

Tortoise alligator

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When it comes to seating, it doesn’t really matter what species you are. Everyone has their preferences.

For instance, your own personal taste may run to sitting on top of things.

Or perhaps you prefer to sit underneath things.

Maybe you like your seats more simple and spare….or plush and fluffy.

If you aren’t sure at first, trying out several seats in the casa can help you make up your mind.

Once you’ve found your favorite, you will want to revisit it often to let your flock mates know it is yours.

Tortoise alligator
Revisiting your favorite seat often lets your flock mates know it is reserved.
Redfoot tortoise with toy
Moving it around a little bit as you settle in can make sure even less-attentive flock mates notice you’ve staked your claim.
Redfoot tortoise underneath toy alligator
After that, a look will be all it takes to tell when your favorite seat, the big plush stuffed alligator, is “occupied.”

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