Day 299: A Mealworm A Day

pet redfoot tortoise

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As everyone knows, when you are born very cute, you will just get even cuter as you grow up.

Since being as cute as possible is advantageous (something about “survival of the species”), the best approach is to simply go for it and get as big as possible as fast as possible so you will look as cute as possible.

By consuming as many victuals as possible, as often as possible, you can multi-task your way to both goals: bigger AND cuter.

This is what your large shell-less assistant would call a “win-win.”

Unfortunately, aside from the unpleasant large shell-less beings in the white lab coats, there is no greater obstacle to you growing as big as possible as quickly as possible than your own large shell-less assistant.

It takes every ounce of cuteness to pry the delicious high-fat, high-calorie, crispy freeze-dried mealworm treats out of her that you need to get big quick.

pet redfoot tortoise
You have to pull out all the stops just to get a single mealworm out of your shell-less mama!
pet redfoot tortoise
And even then, it is like she thinks they are a vanishing species or something!
pet redfoot tortoise
She carefully feeds them to you one at a time, even after you show her that you can fit so many more in your mouth all at once.
pet redfoot tortoise
Yet they are so delicious it is still worth all the trouble you have to go through to get them. And heck, getting bigger little by little is better than not getting bigger at all!

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