redfoot tortoise face

Day 332: Redfoot Resting Face

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When you are born with a shell on your back, you can look forward to a lot of resting.

A LOT of resting.

After all, there is no need to work out or exercise – you do that every time you get up!

And lugging around that heavy shell while foraging guarantees “calories in, calories out” – the perfect weight management strategy.

In fact, the biggest dilemma you are likely to face is trying to dial down the cuteness while resting so the paparazzi will leave you alone already.

Alternately, you can use your adorable resting redfoot tortoise face to cuteness-stun them so you can nap in peace.

redfoot tortoise face
A side profile is sure to stop the paparazzi in their tracks.
redfoot tortoise face
A front view of precious and perfect tortoise nostrils is another surefire solution to stun lurkers.
redfoot tortoise face
If neither of those is sufficient, you can offer a sneak peek of your cute and curvy shell.
redfoot tortoise face
Highly experienced paparazzi may require the ultimate weapon – your perfect red-dotted chin!

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