Day 338: A Tortoise and Her Grandpa

pet tortoise with grandpa

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In a busy interspecies flock, you’ve got to be a quick study to figure out how to be first in line for treats, pats and cuddles.

In other words, there are lots of (very cute) wide open mouths to feed…and every lap has a reservation list a mile long.

One great way to shoulder your way up to the front of the line is to identify the flock “alpha” and get in good with them.

If you are not sure who the alpha is, you can watch your flock mates for clues.

The alpha will be the one everyone is roosting on or cuddling up against….especially when the victuals come out.

For example, if you notice your small loud feathery brother is always sitting on a certain being, or your wild and woolly furred brother is always sitting right at the feet of a certain being, you have likely found the flock alpha.

So that is the being you want to cozy up to.

tortoise with her grandpa
Once you have identified the flock “alpha,” you want to introduce yourself right away.
pet tortoise with grandpa
Be sure to exude “maximum cuteness” (a technical term) to get their attention.
tortoise cuddles with grandpa
Like so.


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