Day 341: A Deep Forest Tortoise

tortoise knocks over houseplant

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Setting up a household that includes flock members from different species can very naturally bring up some differences of opinion.

Say one flock member is small and feathery. He prefers everything to be very open and spacious with no (zero, zilch) obstructions in line-of-sight.

But then say another flock member is round with a shell and hails from a deep forest environment. She prefers a living environment that might best be termed “cozy clutter.”

For this flock member, any line-of-sight is too much line-of-sight. Out of sight is much better. Safer. And infinitely more comfy.

And so the flock members get to work customizing their respective corners, using the materials at hand to create the most naturalistic and homey habitats.

tortoise knocks over houseplant
Finding a green being hoarding comfy brown bedding can be a real score in building your homey habitat!
tortoise knocks over houseplant
Of course, this only works if the resident large shell-less maid doesn’t interfere before you are done constructing your new naturalistic cozy corner.

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