Day 347: Cold Blooded Clover Chomper

tortoise eats clover

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Being low to the ground and leisurely about dining gives you plenty of time to observe.

For example, there are lots of beings who enjoy lunching on greens.

Although some are quite odd.

For example, many of these beings have hooves, horns or even curly fur that make them look just like fluffy clouds on legs.

But clearly, none of them have any taste buds. Or much visual acuity for that matter.

If it is green, they will eat it – even if it is not in the least bit delicious!

Luckily, you are not them.

tortoise on the lawn
First you want to give each green the closest of scrutiny.

Armed with nothing but time and the most discriminating of palates, you choosily pick your way across the lawn, eschewing all but the daintiest and most delicate of fresh young greens.

tortoise on the lawn
Only the freshest and most flavorful of greens will get the honor of moving to the next round and heading “down the hatch.”

No doubt this is also why you look so much cuter than all the rest.

tortoise eats clover
With discipline and dedication (after all, you are what you eat) you can not only maintain your “cuteness standards” but even improve upon them!

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