Day 350: A Very Green Redfoot

Tortoise eats lettuce in the garden

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One of the (many) odd habits of the large shell-less beings is their tendency to stop everything just to have a snack.

They might be walking along and all of a sudden their tummy grumbles.

So they drop what they are doing – just like that – often heading off in a completely different direction to go rustle up a bite.

This seems remarkably inefficient.

But there is no accounting for the personal habits of a species early in their evolutionary process.

As for you, the redfooted tortoise, you understand that snacking can be a seamless part of your daily activities.

No need to stop what you are doing when you start to feel peckish.

redfoot tortoise spies a lettuce
You might just be wandering along and all of a sudden you notice you are feeling a tad bit peckish.
tortoise stares at large lettuce
No need to stop what you are doing – snacks are everywhere if you know how to spot them.
tortoise in the garden
When you spot a delicious delicacy, you can just sample it as you pass by.
Tortoise eats lettuce in the garden
One step, one bite, another step, another bite – and just like that, you are multi-tasking like only an advanced species can do!

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