Day 353: The Red Dotted Snack Attractor

tortoise in bath

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There is a reason chefs love the color red.

It stimulates the appetite.

Sometimes snack shop owners like to cover their whole establishment in red to ensure guests know what kind of enterprise they are running.

Of course, when you are born literally covered in red dots, you don’t need those kinds of obvious clues to find treats.

The treats come to you.

All you have to do is hang out the welcome sign, so to speak, and they will come.

Here, it is important to strike a balance so the tortoise treats don’t get “cuteness stunned” and faint before they reach you.

That would suck.

By taking a “less is more” approach, you can encourage the tortoise snacks to come closer….and closer…..and yes, just a little bit closer….and save the actual “cuteness stunning” for when they are about to head down the hatch.

tortoise in bath
It takes a pro to know how to display just the right amount of red dots to attract treats…without “cuteness stunning” them so they faint dead away before they can reach you.

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