Day 359: The Tortoise and the Sea Turtle

tortoise cuddles with sea turtle toy

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There are some great perks to living an indoor/outdoor lifestyle as a redfoot tortoise.

Your daily life is definitely more posh and personalized than most others of your kind.

But cohabitating with the large shell-less beings (not to mention the small shrieking feathered species) can take some getting used to.

Sometimes, you just need to get away from it all….take a breather….reconnect with other beings that make some sense.

Luckily, it isn’t hard to find your shelled peeps, since they tend to congregate nearby hoping you will want to hang out.

When you feel ready to take a break from all the strangeness, you can just head on over and they will be waiting for you.

tortoise cuddles with sea turtle toy
Taking a load off underneath the flipper of a nearby friendly sea turtle can give you a break from all the strangeness (not to mention the shrieking) of interspecies life.

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But if you would like to “pass the waffles” (or the mealworms, or the salmon) and gift your favorite flock member with a tasty treat, our beaks are wide open and grateful! 🙂

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