tortoise sits beside broom

Day 361: Sweeping for Snacks

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Learning the art of snack sweeping takes dedication.



Most of all, perseverance.

After all, the turtle snacks aren’t going to sweep themselves.

Being built for low-to-the-ground surveillance gives you certain natural advantages. The snacks can hide, but when they run you will certainly see them!

tortoise sits beside broom
Lurking in absolute stillness can convince the tortoise treats you are not a threat.

The key is to lurk in absolute stillness so the tortoise treats think you are just part of the landscape. Then they will come out from their hiding spots and move about freely.

And that is when you can strike.

tortoise walks across the floor
Snacks that have been lulled into complacency will start to move about, and then you can spring (saunter) into action!

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  1. Especially effective when you can perfectly match the colors of your stalking place. Love. How the broom is the perfect color for her.

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