Day 5: Tortoise Twins!

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When you are (sort of) small and cute with a shell, you will very naturally begin to attract admirers.

Some of those admirers may start to send you fan mail.

Other beings may want to know all kinds of things about you – like what you eat and what your home looks like and who is in your innermost posse.

Sometimes, fans may even show up on your doorstep – that is just how eager they are to meet you in person!

When all of this happens, it can be a smart idea to retain the services of a large shell-less assistant. (You will want to do this early on, preferably before you even get your own blog or book or any of that stuff, because training your assistant may take awhile.)

But the investment will be worth it. Because then, for instance, when fans want to take photos with you, you can have your shell-less assistant take them for you.

A gorgeous young shelled lady greets tortoise twins who came all the way from….well, wherever they came from….just to meet her in person (and guess who was assigned to take the official fan photos!).
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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