Day 62: Breakfast in Bed

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Shelled beings are very resourceful and self-sufficient by nature.

You really have to be, if you come from a species where the moment you exit your little white escape pod, you are totally on your own!

Snacks, shelter, sleep – whatever you need, you better figure out quickly where to get it and how to claim it for yourself.

Understandably, this makes for particularly keen powers of observation.

Let’s say you notice your large shell-less assistant is always wrapping herself up in soft, cozy, comfy things. She has blue ones and brown ones and all other colors – sometimes she uses one at a time and sometimes she will pile them all on top of her.

This lets you know right away that these long, thin strips of something are something you also need.

They are great for napping.

A small and highly observant family member with a shell claims a long, thin, cozy brown thing for herself.

They are also awesome for shelter.

They are not very tasty (at least not the ones you’ve sampled thus far) but the way you see it, two out of three isn’t half-bad. And anyway, if you get hungry, “cuteness” seems to take care of that issue promptly.

To get “breakfast in bed,” all you need to do is break out the “cuteness” and your large shell-less assistant will come running!
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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