Day 65: A Small Shelled Ostrich

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According to the internet, the average adult ostrich weighs approximately 220 pounds.

But when the ostrich is still an egg, it weighs about 3.1 pounds.

At this moment in time, Malti weighs in at 3.5 pounds.

This feels relevant because of what I saw when I walked into my (her) closet today.

Talk about a classic ostrich “head in sand” position (we won’t even mention the “levitating tortoise slipper” balanced on her head!).
Up close, only her coloration gives away that she isn’t just an unusually sizable (not to mention precocious) ostrich egg…..
…who is clearly “practicing ahead” to perfect a particularly favored evasive maneuver of her species.
Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon


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