Day 68: The Constant (Shelled) Gardener

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Being born with a shell on your back can mean no one takes your gardening skills seriously.

You might even be a master craftsmen where landscaping is concerned, but the only way anyone will ever know is if you show them.

The arrival of spring when your mommy replants your habitat (on account of how you sat on all the existing plants and they, well, expired) is a perfect moment for a demonstration.

Let’s say your mommy brings home an assortment of interesting green beings and proceeds to put them in all the wrong places….as usual.

Not only is her green thumb clearly MIA, but she hasn’t left any room for one of your favorite in-habitat accessories – the tortoise mud wallow.

Every self-respecting tortoise needs at least one (and preferably several) mud wallows to stay as comfy and hydrated as possible as temperatures heat up.

So you wait until she heads upstairs to wash off all that dirt and then you spring (well, saunter) into action.

A talented landscaping artiste patiently poses for her admiring paparazzi.

With a bit of judicious re-planting, soon you have a lovely new mud wallow all hollowed out….and true to form, your mommy notices right away.

You pose as your proud mommy snaps pic after pic of the big beautiful new mud wallow you made!

She then proceeds to painstakingly record your handiwork in detail using the small rectangular flashing device. Clearly she is very proud of your talent!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & Shannon
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