Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Alligator

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In every household, there is one place where every family member always wants to sit.

This is because it is the comfiest, of course. It is also the coziest and the safest and the most fun.

And because everyone wants to sit there, whoever gets to it first is kind of like “king of the casa” while they are there.

In our household, this spot is the large, plush, grey stuffed alligator toy that sits on the floor.

My mom and I found this alligator in a thrift shop one day and I instantly knew it had to be mine. Of course, by “mine” I mean “everyone else’s”….and specifically, Malti’s.

I got in the habit of always leaving this giant alligator, which is a good three feet long, on the floor so Malti could tunnel under it during playtime.

Then Bruce joined our little flock. Guess which spot in the casa he claimed first? Yup. He sat under or beside or on top of that alligator the whole first week he was with us. (During that time, Malti was safely confined in another area.)

To this day (for four years and counting), Malti nearly always heads straight for her alligator when she comes inside. She pushes it about on the floor, which can sometimes make it seem as though the alligator is moving on its own.

This can be particularly freaky if her mama has had a relaxing glass of vino or two and then happens to casually glance over towards the….moving….stuffed….alligator…..

Malti often spends 10 or 20 minutes or longer trying to get just the right angle to tunnel under its paws to snuggle in and nap. Needless to say, this is really adorable.

Malti heads for her favorite cozy spot between the alligator’s front and hind paws.

And remember…..

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