Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Arugula

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If it is possible for a tortoise to be a foodie, then Malti is a foodie.

She really loves to eat. During the rare moments when she’s gotten her beak on some “people” food, she has reliably gobbled down as much of it as she could before her mama was able to extract it.

Not surprisingly, she particularly likes my mom’s cooking (as does her feathery brother, Pearl).

One thing Malti has never quite developed a real enthusiasm for is the one thing she is supposed to eat the most of – dark leafy greens. Because she had an early lingering respiratory illness and became a picky eater for a time, I got used to bribing her with treat foods, and healthy greens fell out of favor after that.

Ever since, I’ve been reintroducing greens in all kinds of creative ways, even resorting to sprinkling salmon juices on top of them, which, happily, works!

Then she discovered arugula. One day, I bought some for Pearl, who also likes it. I added some to her daily plate, not expecting any kind of noteworthy response.

But then….suffice it to say she’s had a healthy helping of arugula ever since, courtesy of her much-relieved mama.

Malti noshes on another healthy helping of fresh dark green leafy arugula. Thank goodness.

And remember…..

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