Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Cloaking Device

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Even when Malti was 4 weeks old and the size of my palm, she already had the most gorgeous coloring.

Her orange and red dots covered her lower face, chin, neck, all four legs and feet and her little tail.

As she gets bigger, so do her dots. Her colors seem to change every day!

And while when she is out in the open her coloration is so vivid I wonder how anyone can miss her, there are six days back in 2016 that will always remind me how easy it is for her to hide right out in plain sight!

Somehow, the colors that look so bright and colorful when she is wandering around our casa or exploring outside on the lawn also conspire to make her all but invisible when she wants or needs to hide.

She truly owns one of nature’s finest camouflage outfits.

I have learned the hardest possible way that those very same adorable red-dotted feet and tail and that eye-popping shell can instantly transform into a cloaking device when she needs to hide!

And remember…..

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