Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Eyesight

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Malti’s eyes often look black, especially when she is sitting in the sun. It took a long time to realize her eyes are actually brown!

But it didn’t take me nearly so long to learn that her eyes work really well.

For example, she can see in the ultraviolet light spectrum, just like her parrot brother, Pearl.

She has very good vision far away and also close up.

Malti can see in color, and seems particularly drawn to colors like green, red, yellow and orange, perhaps because so much of what she eats comes in those colors.

Her eyes are set forward like people’s, which means she can see straight ahead and also peripherally.

And she can definitely see who is coming towards her, and whether it is someone who has fed her before and might feed her again.

However, she rather reliably ducks at sudden shadows (such as when her mommy has walked up behind her and is bending down to pick her up).


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