Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Going IN

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I’ve shared in previous posts here how Malti has a thing for fences. If she sees a fence, she wants to go OUT.

From the time she was a tiny tort (something she definitely isn’t anymore!), she has had a “zero tolerance” policy for confinement. Even if the fence is totally open-ended – like more of a divider that separates equal portions of wide open roaming space – she will spend all of her time butting the offending bars with her nose.

Because of this, it took me some time to realize she has an equal and opposite affinity for going IN.

Her working hypothesis seems to be, if her head can fit IN, all of her should be able to fit IN.

Obviously, this is a hypothesis that could stand some adjustment. But since she can’t turn her head to see the full width and height of the rest of her, the hypothesis stands as-is.

When she is able to fit all the way inside, it can be very hard to get her back out again!

Malti all the way IN her perfect tort-sized cubby out in our backyard.

And remember…..

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