Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Groceries

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Redfoot tortoises are very smart.

Not only can they go head-to-head on touch screen computer tests with dogs, rats, mice, chimps, black bears and other warm-blooded species, but they can solve mazes with the right motivation (which is always treats, of course).

If I ever forget this, all I have to do is wait until grocery day.

Every single time Malti has been inside while I’ve been unloading groceries, she has made a straight and narrow beeline towards the many bags and boxes sitting on the floor.

Sniffling and snuffling around through the crinkly plastic and paper, she will bite at several of them until she figures out this only gets her a mouthful of plastic.

Then she will settle down to take a nice snooze right in the center of the bags, the better to remind her mommy that she thinks it all smells great and she’s ready to have some now, please and thank you.

Malti picks a strategic location amidst the new groceries to make sure her mommy doesn’t fail to notice her there.

And remember…..

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Published by Shannon Cutts

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