Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Interior Design

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As mama and official “enrichment coordinator” to two small shells, I take habitat decor quite seriously indeed.

This past winter, both Malti’s and Bruce’s habitats were completely wiped out. Between the rain and the snow (sleet really, but still) and the freezes, each habitat was a total mud ball by the time some warmer days started to occur.

Warmer days means outside days, at least if you are Malti (Bruce hasn’t come out of hibernation as of yet).

And outside days means your mama needs to get with the program and spruce up your outdoor enclosure already.

So I went down to the garden store and spent my usual hours browsing the plant aisles, googling “is such-and-so fern safe for redfoot tortoises” and then loading the approved greenery into my cart.

I then proceeded to plant it all just so….aiming for a nice, even blend of height and width, shade and sun, flowers and green leaves….

Then I introduced Malti to her new and improved lush, green habitat. I waited a few hours, then went out to check on her.

Malti is turning 4 this year, and this is the second year she has had a full-time outdoor enclosure. So this is the second year I have had a chance to study her talent for interior design up close and personal.

Suffice it to say, it only took her a few hours to make her signature mark on several of the green things, which already looked less lush and full (she often likes to sit on a new plant to introduce herself).

Malti demonstrating her talent for “interior design”….or interior re-design, more accurately. Here, she is standing next to her hide, which is supposed to be positioned horizontally over her body for extra shade.

And remember…..

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