Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Smarts

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One thing I’ve learned daily since bringing Malti home almost four and a half years ago is that she has endless curiosity.

Redfoot tortoises are really smart! I know this from my own firsthand experiences with Malti, and I also know this because the science people say it is so.

My girl can do everything the research torts can do and then some. She can follow my gaze or my pointing finger or toe to find a treat. She has expert spatial memory and will return again and again to a favorite spot or to anyplace I specifically do not want her to go.

She can also get treats out of her mommy like nobody’s business. She’s figured out that all she needs to do is keep coming back to wherever I’m sitting, then walking away, then coming back again, then walking away, then coming back again….eventually I cave because of, well, cuteness.

And she’s never yet met a stranger. She will walk right up to cats, chickens, Pearl, Bruce, my folks, our puppy Flash Gordon, my friends…and the household vacuum cleaner, which clearly requires detailed scrutiny.

Malti’s method of exploring new things is simple: keep trying to climb on top of whatever-it-is (while making enormous amounts of alarming noise) until your mommy comes to investigate and, of course, help you.

And remember…..

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