Redfoot Tortoise Climbs the Mountain

redfoot tortoise climbs

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Can redfoot tortoises climb?

Do redfoot tortoises climb?

Yup. And yup.

Right from hatchling-hood, Malti has tried to climb anything and everything.

She especially loathes fences and barriers of any kind. (Anything can be a barrier, by the way, if it stands between her and something she wants, like any item that looks delicious.)

Nothing about Malti is athletic or aerodynamic, unless you count the sheer force of willpower that propels her up, up, up like a tank hooked to a hydraulic crane.

Not infrequently, she ends up on her back with her large shell-less Mommyguard rushing to the rescue.

This particular epic climb took place outside on the front lawn when a dense jumble of ivy proved no match for the world-renowned Climbing Tortoise.

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