Resting in Place with Malti: Redfoot Tortoise Eats a Carrot

redfoot tortoise eats carrot

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In times when big, long, hard to pronounce (not to mention hard to spell) words that start with letters like “P” and “C” are suddenly added to nearly every sentence, it can be hard to slow down.

To simply stop, even.

To settle in. Get comfortable. Take a load off.

Take a rest.

There are small rectangular flashing devices pinging and ringing and clanging and clamoring for our attention all day and all night.

It is hard to sleep.

At the same time, the large shell-less paparazzi suddenly seem tireless, standing for hours, days, weeks on end with their seriously un-cute, smile-free faces staring us down while pronouncing all kinds of bad, and then worse, news.

It is exhausting.

And yet  everyone knows – or at least they should know – the best thing to do when you are exhausted is to rest.

To just settle in and rest, sit quietly, breathe in deep, breathe out long, look very cute, and wait for your slavishly devoted large shell-less waitress to bring you a restorative carrot.

redfoot tortoise eats carrot
When you slow down enough to stop, your large shell-less waitress can catch up to you and offer you a tasty treat – a fresh and crunchy restorative carrot.

Stay safe. Take good care of yourself. Let us know how you and your flock are doing in the comments. We are thinking about you every single day.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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