Redfoot Tortoise Takes a Walk

redfoot tortoise walking

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Redfoot tortoises are roamers.

Wild redfoots will freely wander searching for snacks.

Pet redfoots will also freely wander searching for snacks.

You never know when a snack may appear, so if you don’t see one right away, just keep walking.

Sooner or later, or for however long it may take, you will eventually wander right into (or over, or under) a delicacy.

Of course, since you will look very cute while you are wandering, you can absolutely expect to pick up some (large, shell-less) paparazzi along your route.

It just comes with the territory.

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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