Resting in Place with Malti: Wallowing Is Wonderful

redfoot tortoise in mud wallow

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Anyone who knows anything about relaxing (which is not the large shell-less beings, to put it mildly) knows that there is nothing like a good wallow.

In fact, if you look up the word “wallow,” the textbook definition is to “lie relaxed.”

Secondary definitions include “to keep cool” and “to avoid biting insects” – this last being particularly relevant if you happen to hail from a humid and hot (oh so HOT) sub-tropical locale and you are in search of reliable relaxation.

(As a side perk, if your large shell-less assistant has invited you to do anything you especially don’t want to do, like “tortoise weigh-in” or “tortoise bath time,” a good mud-covered wallow is a handy strategy to get out of whatever-it-is!)

redfoot tortoise in mud wallow
Wallowing is wonderful. Obviously. 🙂

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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