Resting in Place with Malti: Redecorating with Watercress

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After an extended period of time resting in place, you might understandably begin to get tired of the same ol’, same ol’.

Same scenery. Same household furnishings. Same art. Same flock mates (SIGH).

This is always the right time to bust out your “inner redecorator.”

You might not think you have an inner redecorator. While it is true some beings are naturally more gifted in this area, dig deep enough and you will find yours. It is fun! And it starts with visualizing fresh uses for familiar items.

Take watercress, for instance.

Perhaps the less imaginative members of your flock view watercress as a snack. Your large shell-less waitress certainly seems to, and she is as unimaginative as they come.

Here, it is even possible to multi-task your way to fresh scenery AND better victuals, because you know your waitress will just keep bringing the greens until you eat them, and only then will she break out the really tasty stuff.

But, weighed down by routine with a side of routine, unable to cope with one more dose of so-called “healthy” (read: less delicious) quarantine living, you take matters into your own creative paws.

Watercress is very light and springy. It is cool and calming. It is fresh and flexible. What do all of these elements have in common?


As a side perk, if you position yourself just so, your large shell-less waitress will think all those healthy greens disappeared down your gullet instead of under your bulk. And then she will bring you DESSERT.

redfoot tortoise outside
Bet you’re ready to call Instacart and order a big refreshing bunch of watercress to start your own interior redecorating project! Resting in place never felt (and looked) so comfy!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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