Resting in Place with Malti: the Chill Zone

tortoise hiding in closet

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You don’t have to spend many days on this small round blue and green planet before you figure out that every day is different.

Days, like beings, have their own unique personalities.

One day might be bubbly, zesty, all about celebrating and snacking and socializing.

The next day might be totally different, clogged up with work and errands and to-do list items.

The day after that could have a lot on its worried mind, as it stresses and frets its way from dawn to dusk.

For this reason, you don’t want to leave your personal chill zone to chance. You don’t want to assume you will just find a spot to stop and rest and regroup if the need arises.

You want to plan that part out. Designate it. Cordon it off. Put (very cute) red dots all over it so it is clear it is yours.

tortoise hiding in closet
Having a personal chill zone is critical – but not as critical as remembering to use it!

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