Resting in Place with Malti: Cold Blood, Warm Heart

redfoot tortoise cuddles with person

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Rumor has it that beings with shells are “cold-blooded.”

As so many rumors go, this one is interesting for sure.

And also wrong.

Sure, your exterior often feels cool to the touch – except when you’ve been basking under your toasty warm indoor UV lamp or in the occasional direct warm winter sunbeam.

In other words, when your outsides heat up, your insides heat up.

And when your outsides cool down, guess what happens to your insides?

The correct term is actually “ecto-thermic,” which means you regulate your body (and blood) temperature using external sources of warm or cool.

A good example of a “warm” source is your large shell-less MommyGuard.

Whenever you want to thermoregulate upwards, heading in her direction is sure to get the job done.

redfoot tortoise cuddles with person
One of the handiest ways to thermoregulate is to snuggle up to the large shell-less being who live in your casa with you.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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