Resting in Place with Malti: Couch Sharing

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As a shelled being, you may tend to stay fairly slow and low to the ground (on account of how short you are and how heavy your shell is).

But this doesn’t mean you are unaware of who is who in your little interspecies flock.

With so many flock mates from different species, figuring out who the “alpha” is can’t be about size, or height or even who has the cutest shell.

Which would be you. Of course.

You have to look more closely, see more keenly, to figure out who sits in the power seat.

The best way to work this out is to look at the actual power seat and see who is sitting on it!

First, you have to identify the power seat. Here, this is typically the largest and longest seat in the casa. Once you find that seat, you can wait and watch to see who sits down on it.

That is the alpha.

Now it is time to make your move. Your goal? To share the seat with the flock alpha.

There is plenty of room (see “largest and longest” for more details on this).

By simply sharing the couch – readily accomplished with a sudden generous dose of “cuteness” – you become co-alpha.

Easy peasy.

Alpha seat. Check. Flock alpha. Check. “Cuteness.” Check. Couch sharing – works every time!

two heartsMalti & her mama

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