Resting in Place with Malti: FaceTime with Friends

tortoise and dachshund FaceTime friends

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Life with an interspecies flock means you always have something to learn….and you also always have something to teach.

For example, you may notice that occasionally your large shell-less flock mates do come up with a good idea.

Take “FaceTime,” for instance.

The concept is sound. You have a face and you want to talk to another being who also has a face.

Ergo, “Face. Time.”

But somehow your large shell-less flock mates decide the only way to make this happen is to use one of those small rectangular flashing devices they are always carrying around.

It is the strangest thing. They hold the device up to their face and their friend does the same. And then they talk.

Clearly, this is a teachable moment. So you spring (well, saunter) into action to demonstrate.

tortoise and dachshund FaceTime friends
Facetime. You bring your face and your friend brings their face and then you visit. Much easier, right?

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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