Resting in Place with Malti: Green Is Great

tortoise grazes on lettuce

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It has been said that it isn’t easy being green.

These are potent words of truth.

But then again, it isn’t easy to be brown. Or red. Or black. Or orange.

Or grey and white.

Which is why the place to start is always with loving the color you’ve got.

When you love your own color from every angle – the sharp edges and the gentle round edges, the rough and jagged edges and the polished and shiny edges – you can start to see those same intriguing (and surprisingly similar!) nuances in every other color as well.

As your own color becomes lovely in your eyes, all colors you see become lovelier also.

Some may become tastier, too!

tortoise grazes on lettuce
Even if you don’t have a speck of green on you, you can learn to appreciate all the lovely (and tasty) nuances of the color green!

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