Resting in Place with Malti: Planet Saving Cuteness

redfoot tortoise eats weeds

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It doesn’t take long after exiting your small round white escape pod before you will realize you share your planet with a vast variety of other beings of all shapes, sizes and dispositions.

Some like to eat tasty green things like you do.

And some like to eat….you.

However, just because a being is very big doesn’t necessarily mean they are to be avoided.

In fact, there are beings so tiny no one can see them and still they are very infectious, indeed.

Then there are other beings that are, in a word, enormous, but they are gentle and peaceable.

Just give them the snacks and no one gets stomped on.

You can relate.

In a world quite literally swimming in problems you didn’t start and can’t solve, what you can do to save the planet and uplift your fellow beings is scarf lawn edibles.

And look very cute doing it.

redfoot tortoise eats weeds
When faced with a planet full of problems you didn’t start and can’t solve, there is only one thing for it: add more inspiring “cuteness” to the world so the problem-solving beings will be motivated to do a great job.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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