Resting in Place with Malti: Tag for Treats

tortoise dachshund best friends

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Spend enough time on this small round blue and green planet, and you will start to realize that just because another being looks exactly like you doesn’t mean you will be automatic friends.

Of course it is great when that happens.

But it is just as possible that your bestie might look very different than how you look.

Let’s say you have a shell and one of your flockmates has fur.

You are slow and low to the ground and this other flockmate is higher and taller and faster.

You have cold blood and your flockmate has warm blood.

On the surface, it doesn’t exactly seem like you were born to be besties.

But the more time you spend together, you start to notice some deeper similarities.

For example, you both like to hang out on the lawn.

You are both fond of long restful naps.

You both love to eat.

And you both love a good game of “tag for treats”….especially when Grandma plays with you.

tortoise dachshund best friends
“Tag for treats” is the best game – especially when you and your furred bestie play with Grandma!

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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