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IMO, you haven’t truly lived until you’ve taken a car ride with a cockatiel.

I am going to spare you the audio version, but while Pearl gets revved up when she thinks she is going somewhere, and she is super-excited when we arrive (unless we are arriving at the V-E-T), the getting there can be problematic.

It starts out well enough:

Comfy cover. Check. Secure fit. Check. Bird on perch. Check.

En route, her giant cage shakes like her cheapskate Mommy shorted her in the fine living department (in reality, her cage is 10 years old and birds as a whole do NOT like coming home to roost only to find there’s been a bit of a switcheroo) so of course Pearl alerts me to this fact.

About every 1 1/2 seconds.

The avian version of "are we there yet?"

And when we finally DO arrive, it is hard to tell who is more relieved:

NOW are you going to let me out of here?

I’m casting one vote for me, but that’s just because I’m the one multi-tasking, and my (aching) eardrums are bigger.

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