Birders: The Central Park Effect

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Fellow bird enthusiast Raimy Rosenduft recently emailed me to share an exclusive trailer from the upcoming HBO documentary film series.

Seems he had stumbled across our own feathery superstar and figured any blog with such good taste in subject matter might be interested in previewing similar visionary work that features Pearl’s wild cousins. Good thinking, Raimy! 🙂

“Birders: The Central Park Effect” debuted last night (Monday, July 16) on HBO….which means my time management skills clearly need some work.

But….there is a Q&A that is going on today (July 17th) in about an hour at HBO Connect (just click that link <== to join in) with director Jeffrey Kimball, and HBO is also very good about re-airing popular films.

Netflix also has the film (although it has not been released for DVD rental yet, you can save it in your queue to have it shipped to you when it releases).

So until HBO re-airs the film or you can nab it on Netflix, you can content yourself with  adorable video clips like the one below that Raimy was kind enough to pass along:

For more info on “Birders: The Central Park Effect”:

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