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Pearl’s VIP fans ROCK.

As you can see, you want more of everything Pearl.

Happily, this is something we just happen to have plenty of here at Casa Feathers n Beak. 🙂


Some of you also offered additional ideas & insights, which we are so grateful for:


For the record, Pearl’s mommy’s favorite response is: “O hell, all of the above!” 🙂

Pearls’ favorite response is: “Whatever your muse feels best doing.”

A certain in-demand muse (with feathers) rests up so he can deliver top-notch creative content for his VIP fans!
A certain in-demand muse (with feathers) rests up so he can deliver more “feathery cuteness” for his VIP fans!

So….rested, fortified and encouraged, we press onward…..yahoo! 🙂

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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