Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Born Brave

cockatiel stands on apple mouse

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As the old saying goes, “it is always five o’clock somewhere.”

And everyone knows what five o’clock is – dinnertime.

In other words, somebody, somewhere, is always on the prowl for their dinner.

As a plump, round and delicious prey species, you are always on the menu.

Which basically means you are born brave.

Choosing to exit your small round white escape pod is brave.

Opening your adorable round black eyes is brave.

Uttering your first precious chirp is brave.

Choosing your large featherless mama and moving to your new forever home is brave.

Over time, all those little braves add up. You look back and see a whole string of ’em stretching back over all the time you’ve lived on this small round blue and green planet.

You realize you’ve got this.

Whatever it happens to be.

It doesn’t matter. You’ve got what it takes.

Life can hand you anything, and you will find a way to it, through it, and on to bigger and brighter and better days to come.

cockatiel stands on apple mouse
Even when big infectious challenges show up, it is worth remembering all the little braves already stacked up in your corner.

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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