Cuteness for Comfort with Pearl: Buckle Up

cockatiel in travel cage with seatbelt

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Life sure can dish out some surprises.

Some surprises are quite big and good – like the sudden appearance of an enormous, piping hot, tasty “Grandma’s” waffle the size of your own small feathery body.

Some surprises are quite little and scary – so little and so scary, in fact, that the only way to avoid encountering them is to avoid going anywhere at all.

Good and bad, up and down, back and forward, it is enough to make even the most aerodynamic of individuals feel a little queasy from so much change.

When this occurs, it is a clear sign this is the right time to buckle up.

And not just because the ironclad flock-wide Avian Safety Rules (which are not more like guidelines) insist on it.

Buckling up can keep you grounded. Connected. Calm and quiet so that you can catch your breath and regain your bearings and remember you are oh-so-brave.

cockatiel in travel cage with seatbelt
When the small round blue and green planet you live on feels like it is spinning out of control with one surprise after another, the best thing for it is to buckle up and remind yourself, “I am brave.”

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama

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